Notes & Information

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Important Notes and Information:

  • Custom Trips: Requests for customization will incur additional charges, to be determined on a case-by-case basis.

  • Packaged Trips: No customization available.

  • Accommodations and Services: All accommodations and services will be selected by us. The tour fee applies only to the specified itinerary and included services. Requests for customization will incur additional charges, to be determined on a case-by-case basis.

  • Itinerary Flexibility: The sequence of sightseeing and activities may change depending on conditions on the tour day.

  • Photographs: The photos are intended solely to inspire your imagination.

  • Non-Participation: During the tour, if you choose not to participate in any part of the itinerary, you will be considered to have opted out automatically, and no refunds will be provided.

  • Meal Requests
    Custom Trips: We can accommodate vegetarian, vegan, or other specially tailored meals to suit your dietary preferences.
    Packaged Trips: No customization available.

  • Accommodation Requirement: During the tour, you are required to stay at the hotels arranged by us.

  • Tattoo Policy: Customers with tattoos may be prohibited from entering public baths. Please inquire with us for specific situations.

  • Room Specifications in Japan: Hotels in Japan typically offer “twin” rooms with two single beds. Requests for double beds or extra beds may not always be accommodated. For more details, please inquire with us on a case-by-case basis.

  • Medical support: We want to clarify that we are not professional doctors or pharmacists. Our role is to provide advice on common self-care situations and recommend over-the-counter medicines available from drug stores. We are not involved in the buying or selling of drugs. It is important to note that you are responsible for choosing the necessary medications yourself. Ultimately, decisions regarding your health and treatment belong to you.