Key manners in Japan

What are manners in Japan?

When you visit another country, you might unwittingly become an ambassador for your own nation. Moreover, people often perceive that adhering to manners correlates with a country’s level of education and civilization, reflecting its development. Therefore, let’s learn about some important dos and don’ts when traveling in Japan.

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10 key manners in Japan
  1. Ensure punctuality; it’s expected in Japan. Don’t be late.
  2. Upon entering a house, actively remove your shoes.
  3. Act to maintain closed, unused rooms.
  4. Act with restraint; avoid phone calls on trains.
  5. Take action against vandalism, especially on monuments and natural landscapes.
  6. Display commitment to meticulous waste sorting, aligning with Japan’s recycling practices.
  7. Refrain from singing karaoke or playing musical instruments in non-soundproof rooms.
  8. Demonstrate consideration by keeping noise levels down at night.
  9. Take proactive steps; inquire about pet policies at places you plan to visit.
  10. Act in accordance with the law; avoid public nudity, even on balconies.

Please refrain from smoking and littering in public areas, including on buses and in hotel rooms. Only smoke in designated areas to avoid fines. Dispose of your trash by placing it in a bag and taking it to your home or room for proper disposal.

Onsen (Hot Springs/ Public bath) manners in Japan:

manners in Japan, manners, key manners in japan

1. Cover visible tattoos, as they are often not permitted in onsens.
2. Undress completely before entering the bath area.
3. Wash thoroughly before entering the communal bath.
4. Do not reserve seats.
5. Taking photos or videos is prohibited.
6. Supervise children to prevent running or jumping.
7. Children over 6 years old should use the bathing area designated for their gender.
8. Keep towels out of the communal bathwater.
9. Keep your hair tied up to prevent it from touching the water.
10. Refrain from splashing water on others.
11. Urinating in the communal bath is strictly forbidden.
12. Dry off before returning to the changing room.
13. Do not wash or dye your hair in the onsen.

Tags: manners in Japan, manners, key manners in japan

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