Tips for Exchanging Money in Japan

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How to exchange currency in Japan? Here are a few Japan currency exchange tips.

Tips for Exchanging Money in Japan. While Japan is a technologically advanced country, cash remains prevalent, and some places may not accept international credit cards.

Tip 1: If your home country’s currency is weaker than Japan’s, it’s advisable to exchange money before departing. This tends to be more economical and convenient.

Tip 2: Upon arrival, if you haven’t exchanged money, consider exchanging a small amount at the airport, or use a credit card for initial expenses.

Tip 3: Many banks in Japan do not offer currency exchange services. Avoid standalone ‘money exchange’ booths, as they often have unfavorable rates.

Tip 4: Automatic money exchange machines typically offer lower exchange rates, even though they don’t charge fees. They’re convenient for emergencies and are found in tourist areas, like train stations and hotels.

Tip 5 (Important):

For larger amounts (around US$1,000 or more), search for “金券ショップ” (“ticket and cash shops”) on Google Maps. These shops offer competitive rates for currency exchange and sell various tickets. However, rates can vary significantly, even between neighboring shops. They primarily exchange popular foreign currencies, so check the availability and rates beforehand.”

Wishing you a fantastic and enriching journey in Japan! 🌸🏯🍣

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