Inspection of Monterey Grasmere Hotel in Osaka

Monterey Grasmere Hotel Osaka

Explore the charm of the four-star Monterey Grasmere Hotel in Osaka through our collection of amateur photos and see what makes this upscale accommodation so special. We carefully evaluate this hotel to ensure a pleasant stay for our clients.

Located right in the heart of Namba, just a minute’s walk from Namba Station, a major transport hub in Osaka, the hotel is perfectly positioned for easy access and convenience. It occupies the 21st to 31st floors of one of the tallest buildings in the area.

From about 100 meters above the ground, the hotel offers sweeping views of Osaka, Japan’s bustling second city, which can be enjoyed from all rooms and dining areas.

Drawing inspiration from the cities, climate, and culture of England, the Monterey Grasmere offers an experience akin to traveling through different places without leaving the hotel. It caters to all types of travelers with a range of room options, from cozy semi-double rooms for solo guests to spacious four-bed rooms for families, all equipped with comfortable mattresses.

In addition, the hotel houses various restaurants, bookstores, and grocery stores from the basement to the third floor, providing everything you might need for last-minute shopping.

The hotel even features a chapel, an ideal spot for a romantic proposal, available at no extra cost when you opt for the romantic meal plan.

As your guides to luxury and relaxation, we take care of all the details so you can focus on enjoying your best moments stress free.