High Class Hotel & Luxury Dining, 4 Days of Tokyo & Kawagoe Experience

In the heart of a bustling season, our company had the privilege of organizing a VIP group tour for a cadre of young and sophisticated elites. Their desires were clear: a blend of shopping, relaxation, and the freedom to explore at their leisure, all wrapped in the lap of luxury. From accommodations to dining, every detail was to reflect the high class experience they craved. And we delivered, ensuring their journey was filled with spectacular moments.

The group’s adventure began with a stay at the Celestine Tokyo Shiba, a stellar 4.5 star sanctuary offering the epitome of comfort with queen sized beds for each person.


Day 1

Day 1 was a whirlwind of glamour and gastronomy. After touching down in Tokyo, the group plunged into the upscale shopping paradise of Ginza, followed by an exquisite dinner at Hyoki, a renowned Kyoto cuisine restaurant known for its luxurious Japanese dining experience.

Tokyo | Dinner

Day 2

Day 2 took the group on a cultural deep dive from Tokyo to the historic town of Koedo Kawagoe. The group explored the Buko Sake Brewery and enjoyed a serene boat ride on the Nagatoro Line. Lunch was a delightful affair with a special Unagi rice set, a local delicacy of Kawagoe. The day ended on a high note with dinner at Sushi Tofuro, a sushi restaurant renowned for its use of fresh ingredients

Tokyo | Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner

Day 3

Day 3 was dedicated to personal growth and indulgence. The morning saw a private meeting in a space we arranged, fostering both productivity and privacy. In the afternoon, the group engaged in a sushi-making experience, delving into the art of Japanese cuisine. More Ginza shopping followed, and the day wrapped up with a private Teppanyaki dinner at Roppongi Mon Cher Ton Ton, before letting loose at the luxurious Karaoke Pacerafor karaoke.

Tokyo | Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner

Day 4

Day 4 marked the end of the journey, as we smoothly coordinated the transfer to the airport, ensuring the group departure was as seamless as their arrival.

This tour was more than a trip; it was an immersive story of exploration, luxury, and unforgettable moments, tailor made by Hanetabi Tours. For those seeking an exclusive adventure punctuated by elite experiences, this group’s journey stands as a testament to the bespoke service and memorable times we’re committed to offering. Join us, and let’s craft your story.

– | Breakfast